Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cupcake Mission takes Manhattan!!!! This is my nod to the Muppets Take Manhattan. Miss Piggy is my all time favorite rockin' chick. And to the girl who called me "Miss Piggy" when we walked home from school everyday in the fifth grade(so I was not a svelte little girl), I say thank you. Miss Piggy kicks *!@
The details are still baking but here are some of the ingredients: 9 a.m. Tuesday June 23rd--meeting at The Cupcake Cafe at 18 W. 18th st. Here we will fuel up on eggs (protein) and round one of cupcakes. The cost is $10.00 per person, plus cost of food, travel, and incidentals (we will hit Canal Street) 100% of the admission fee goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research. Completely inspired by his words to do the next right thing, I pay tribute to his bravery and my grandfather's courage in the battle with and against Parkinson's. My grandfather, Opa, was quick-witted, humorous and adventurous. A month before his passing, he fell from his hospital bed and when my father discovered him, Opa said that he was sight-seeing. I dedicate the adventure of the NYC streets to Opa's memory and the hope of finding a cure.
Other bake shops scheduled are Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Buttercup...bring running shoes and a sense of humor because we may very well throw the frisbee in Central Park. My original idea of running sprints along the Hudson has been postponed because my lovely Chickpea is accompanying the tour with baby stroller, gear and all.
Long live the Miss Piggy's in our world who are sassy, fun loving and open to loving unconditionally and wholeheartedly!!!!!!

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