Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forgive me dear Blog for it has been a long, long time since I last typed. It is so challenging for me to type my feelings rather than handwrite them, I feel there is a heart/mind disconnect. So much has happened, and is happening, behind the scenes and I have not updated the website regularly so I will blog and hopefully get back in the swing of things....
I first organized an international Cupcake Mission to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation by inviting cupcake bakeries worldwide to participate in a contest to raise the most money for The Foundation and compete to win a violin outfit. Four bakeries outright committed but in the end, none donated to The Foundation. I attribute it to a lack of my follow up. It is a massive campaign that is challenging to run alone. I should be better organized next year, but I don't know if this is the right fit for me. Initially I contacted 350 bakeries world- wide and only four committed, two enthusiastically, so there was not much excitement and commitment from the bakeries early on to encourage me to dedicate more time and energy. Last year was very successful and fun so I was nothing short of hopeful this year. I'm neutral regarding next year...
Pepsi Refresh has launched an amazing campaign and is donating millions of dollars to various charities that common people like me are promoting. Cupcake Mission has to finish in the top five by May 31st to receive a $5000.00 grant payable directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Regardless of whether Cupcake Mission wins or not, I feel like I have succeeded in raising awareness for The MJFF. Annette Maddox kindly promoted the contest and Cupcake Mission in her newspaper column Small Talk two weeks ago and I am forever grateful to her and Lisa Davis and The Anniston Star. I know whoever wins the Pepsi Refresh contest will really deserve it and I am prematurely excited for them. Cupcake Mission is currently ranked 238 so I will direct my energy and efforts into the next project.
My husband has graciously teamed up with Cupcake Mission again and now we are launching the first annual Howard Core Company Cupcake Mission. We are encouraging all our customers to compete to raise the most money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation between the dates of June 18-22nd by donating a portion of proceeds from their sales to The Foundation through my secure Team Fox weblink. The retailer to raise the most money will win a cuptastic violin outfit valued at $575.00 and comes complete with a lavendar sportstyle case and princess pink violin bow.
I am really excited about this launch and have big hopes and aspirations. The first ten retailers to commit will receive a dozen cupcakes from a local bakery (probably a local bakery that didn't participate in the original cupcake mission so I consider this one of the life lessons I was bound to learn sooner or later...always take the high road because you have no idea where it will lead you and that is a GRAND adventure).
I wish everyone much love and laughter,