Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It has been a whirlwind of fun and sugar feeding frenzies. I have just returned from NY and DC and I question why I don't live in NY, the cupcake capital of the world???? I feel so alive and free there and I can't imagine laying my head down long enough to sleep although I forced myself to crawl in bed on several occassions finding I only needed four or five hours of good rest. DC is great, too, but I must admit that given a choice, I'll take NY. It feels like home. So many nooks and crannies and cross streets and whimsy. Joy Joy JOY!!!!
I am so gratefult o Ann Warren of the Cupcake Cafe for hosting us in her lovely cafe located at 18 W. 18th street. She concocted the most Adkins friendly breakfast ever to complement our cupcake debauchery. We had eggs and ham in a cupcake liner!!!! Oh, yes, a cupcake liner. Superb! She had fresh fruit awaiting us and tempted us with waffles but several of us went straight for the chocolate cupcakes. Laura told her hips that they would just have to give in for the day and allow her the tasty indulgences. Two representatives from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Megan and Dana, joined us and they are amazing! GO TEAM FOX!!!!! I will commit to annual cupcake missions on behalf of the MJFF but I wish I didn't have to (I wish there was a cure for PD so I would not have to raise money for the Foundation....let's all help make the Foundation go out of business!) All of my friends can be summed up as OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE, FUN LOVING PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS AND JOYFUL LAUGHTER. Thank you to all my loving friends who rallied on behalf of CC Mission and MJFF. Bridgid, Cassandra, Laura and friends-YOU ARE ALL SUPER ROCKSTARS. YA, you are my touchstone and Lexie and Amelia are BFF. My dear soul mate Carolyn and her lovely daughter Kate are stellar and I am so grateful to know you. Ben and Stephen are AWESOME! My husband Alex and daughter Chickpea are far more meaningful to me than I can ever express in words.
I have set the goal to raise $1000.00 for the MJFF and we are more than half way there. I have faith...
DC was fun and simple. Magnolia Mafia gathered at the lobby of the Ritz and indulged on Georgetown Cupcakes to raise money for the cute little pygmy elephants. $70.00 was raised and I can't wait to give the cute little elephant to Lexie. KC, Emily, Mary, Jenn, Kristen and Andrea are all my steel magnolias. You lovely ladies are what dreams are made of. Thank you for your amazing and enduring friendship.