Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I hope this blog finds my fellow cuppycake lovers healthy, happy and diet-free! This is the start of the third year for Cupcake Mission, and I am ecstatic to report at the end of 2010, Cupcake Mission raised over $2000.00 for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. 2011 promises to be even better as future ideas for Cupcake Missions are baking right now....

Compliments to Jayde Kelly who has really committed herself to Cupcake Missions and raising money for various charities through organized cupcake fundraisers and marathon runs. You could see how mass consumption of all things frosted could potentially lead to a running habit.

Never underestimate the power of a cupcake!!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forgive me dear Blog for it has been a long, long time since I last typed. It is so challenging for me to type my feelings rather than handwrite them, I feel there is a heart/mind disconnect. So much has happened, and is happening, behind the scenes and I have not updated the website regularly so I will blog and hopefully get back in the swing of things....
I first organized an international Cupcake Mission to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation by inviting cupcake bakeries worldwide to participate in a contest to raise the most money for The Foundation and compete to win a violin outfit. Four bakeries outright committed but in the end, none donated to The Foundation. I attribute it to a lack of my follow up. It is a massive campaign that is challenging to run alone. I should be better organized next year, but I don't know if this is the right fit for me. Initially I contacted 350 bakeries world- wide and only four committed, two enthusiastically, so there was not much excitement and commitment from the bakeries early on to encourage me to dedicate more time and energy. Last year was very successful and fun so I was nothing short of hopeful this year. I'm neutral regarding next year...
Pepsi Refresh has launched an amazing campaign and is donating millions of dollars to various charities that common people like me are promoting. Cupcake Mission has to finish in the top five by May 31st to receive a $5000.00 grant payable directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Regardless of whether Cupcake Mission wins or not, I feel like I have succeeded in raising awareness for The MJFF. Annette Maddox kindly promoted the contest and Cupcake Mission in her newspaper column Small Talk two weeks ago and I am forever grateful to her and Lisa Davis and The Anniston Star. I know whoever wins the Pepsi Refresh contest will really deserve it and I am prematurely excited for them. Cupcake Mission is currently ranked 238 so I will direct my energy and efforts into the next project.
My husband has graciously teamed up with Cupcake Mission again and now we are launching the first annual Howard Core Company Cupcake Mission. We are encouraging all our customers to compete to raise the most money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation between the dates of June 18-22nd by donating a portion of proceeds from their sales to The Foundation through my secure Team Fox weblink. The retailer to raise the most money will win a cuptastic violin outfit valued at $575.00 and comes complete with a lavendar sportstyle case and princess pink violin bow.
I am really excited about this launch and have big hopes and aspirations. The first ten retailers to commit will receive a dozen cupcakes from a local bakery (probably a local bakery that didn't participate in the original cupcake mission so I consider this one of the life lessons I was bound to learn sooner or later...always take the high road because you have no idea where it will lead you and that is a GRAND adventure).
I wish everyone much love and laughter,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The greatest challenge of Cupcake Mission is getting individuals to believe that they can make a difference by doing something which requires minimal effort but yet has a far reaching impact. Some people think they don't have the time, some people think they don't have the resources. All it takes is one person thinking that she/he can make a difference and the planning will become effortless...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It has been a long time since I blogged, but I am inspired to blog again after seeing Julie and Julia (as I'm sure a million other people are inspired, too). I got away from it because I was partly busy and partly lazy.
But I'm back, at least for now.
I got a wild idea on my way home from work to launch a nationwide Cupcake Mission to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. I am not one to dream big and not act upon it, so I started researching cupcake bakeries all across America. I had pages of scrap paper listing cupcake bakeries and I finally compiled a legible list where I could send a mass invite to the first annual nationwide Cupcake Mission.
I sent the mass email out to over 60 bakeries and discovered the personal approach is far better. Only one bakery responded "yes" to the mass invite and two others graciously regretted. They have a great "out" though...September happens to be the month for "Cupcakes for a Cause" and bakeries nationwide are raising money for children with cancer. It is a very noble cause and I encourage anyone who knows of a bakery participating in Cupcakes for a Cause to order dozens!!! And keep supporting these bakeries/cupcakeries!!!!!
There are 8 bakeries/catering services who are participating in The Cupcake Mission and all are eager to raise money for The MJFF through cupcakes!!!! I have only met one of the store owners, but I am certain I have found new friends in cities from coast to coast.
Nothing is impossible when you dream big and act upon it.
Normally I would say I can't wait to see what I dream up next, but I haven't finished living this dream.
Sweet Cupcake Dreams to All!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It has been a whirlwind of fun and sugar feeding frenzies. I have just returned from NY and DC and I question why I don't live in NY, the cupcake capital of the world???? I feel so alive and free there and I can't imagine laying my head down long enough to sleep although I forced myself to crawl in bed on several occassions finding I only needed four or five hours of good rest. DC is great, too, but I must admit that given a choice, I'll take NY. It feels like home. So many nooks and crannies and cross streets and whimsy. Joy Joy JOY!!!!
I am so gratefult o Ann Warren of the Cupcake Cafe for hosting us in her lovely cafe located at 18 W. 18th street. She concocted the most Adkins friendly breakfast ever to complement our cupcake debauchery. We had eggs and ham in a cupcake liner!!!! Oh, yes, a cupcake liner. Superb! She had fresh fruit awaiting us and tempted us with waffles but several of us went straight for the chocolate cupcakes. Laura told her hips that they would just have to give in for the day and allow her the tasty indulgences. Two representatives from the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Megan and Dana, joined us and they are amazing! GO TEAM FOX!!!!! I will commit to annual cupcake missions on behalf of the MJFF but I wish I didn't have to (I wish there was a cure for PD so I would not have to raise money for the Foundation....let's all help make the Foundation go out of business!) All of my friends can be summed up as OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE, FUN LOVING PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS AND JOYFUL LAUGHTER. Thank you to all my loving friends who rallied on behalf of CC Mission and MJFF. Bridgid, Cassandra, Laura and friends-YOU ARE ALL SUPER ROCKSTARS. YA, you are my touchstone and Lexie and Amelia are BFF. My dear soul mate Carolyn and her lovely daughter Kate are stellar and I am so grateful to know you. Ben and Stephen are AWESOME! My husband Alex and daughter Chickpea are far more meaningful to me than I can ever express in words.
I have set the goal to raise $1000.00 for the MJFF and we are more than half way there. I have faith...
DC was fun and simple. Magnolia Mafia gathered at the lobby of the Ritz and indulged on Georgetown Cupcakes to raise money for the cute little pygmy elephants. $70.00 was raised and I can't wait to give the cute little elephant to Lexie. KC, Emily, Mary, Jenn, Kristen and Andrea are all my steel magnolias. You lovely ladies are what dreams are made of. Thank you for your amazing and enduring friendship.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Carolina's are ever so lovely and how I miss Wilmington, NC on a daily basis. One could say the CC Mission started in Wilmington at a party with a smattering of Coastal Cupcakes...or one could say that there are so many roots to Cupcake Mission it's hard to say exactly where it officially originated. Nevertheless, the Carolina's are always on my mind and I have Cupcake Mission updates:

Hickory NC--CC Mission postponed due to family illness. I am wishing my aunt a speedy recovery and a healthy upcoming surgery. After a full recovery that we are all counting on, we must celebrate with a round (or a dozen) of cupcakes!

Greenville, SC--A mini CC Mission with some impact. Small is good and very enjoyable. And the Greenville Humane Society has $50.00 more today than it did yesterday so hopefully the animals will benefit somewhat from our small but full-hearted efforts. I suppose I am an optimist or a minimalist or both: but I believe a little goes a long way!!!!

Never underestimate the power of a cupcake!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cupcake Mission takes Manhattan!!!! This is my nod to the Muppets Take Manhattan. Miss Piggy is my all time favorite rockin' chick. And to the girl who called me "Miss Piggy" when we walked home from school everyday in the fifth grade(so I was not a svelte little girl), I say thank you. Miss Piggy kicks *!@
The details are still baking but here are some of the ingredients: 9 a.m. Tuesday June 23rd--meeting at The Cupcake Cafe at 18 W. 18th st. Here we will fuel up on eggs (protein) and round one of cupcakes. The cost is $10.00 per person, plus cost of food, travel, and incidentals (we will hit Canal Street) 100% of the admission fee goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research. Completely inspired by his words to do the next right thing, I pay tribute to his bravery and my grandfather's courage in the battle with and against Parkinson's. My grandfather, Opa, was quick-witted, humorous and adventurous. A month before his passing, he fell from his hospital bed and when my father discovered him, Opa said that he was sight-seeing. I dedicate the adventure of the NYC streets to Opa's memory and the hope of finding a cure.
Other bake shops scheduled are Sugar Sweet Sunshine and Buttercup...bring running shoes and a sense of humor because we may very well throw the frisbee in Central Park. My original idea of running sprints along the Hudson has been postponed because my lovely Chickpea is accompanying the tour with baby stroller, gear and all.
Long live the Miss Piggy's in our world who are sassy, fun loving and open to loving unconditionally and wholeheartedly!!!!!!