Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It has been a long time since I blogged, but I am inspired to blog again after seeing Julie and Julia (as I'm sure a million other people are inspired, too). I got away from it because I was partly busy and partly lazy.
But I'm back, at least for now.
I got a wild idea on my way home from work to launch a nationwide Cupcake Mission to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. I am not one to dream big and not act upon it, so I started researching cupcake bakeries all across America. I had pages of scrap paper listing cupcake bakeries and I finally compiled a legible list where I could send a mass invite to the first annual nationwide Cupcake Mission.
I sent the mass email out to over 60 bakeries and discovered the personal approach is far better. Only one bakery responded "yes" to the mass invite and two others graciously regretted. They have a great "out" though...September happens to be the month for "Cupcakes for a Cause" and bakeries nationwide are raising money for children with cancer. It is a very noble cause and I encourage anyone who knows of a bakery participating in Cupcakes for a Cause to order dozens!!! And keep supporting these bakeries/cupcakeries!!!!!
There are 8 bakeries/catering services who are participating in The Cupcake Mission and all are eager to raise money for The MJFF through cupcakes!!!! I have only met one of the store owners, but I am certain I have found new friends in cities from coast to coast.
Nothing is impossible when you dream big and act upon it.
Normally I would say I can't wait to see what I dream up next, but I haven't finished living this dream.
Sweet Cupcake Dreams to All!

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