Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Carolina's are ever so lovely and how I miss Wilmington, NC on a daily basis. One could say the CC Mission started in Wilmington at a party with a smattering of Coastal Cupcakes...or one could say that there are so many roots to Cupcake Mission it's hard to say exactly where it officially originated. Nevertheless, the Carolina's are always on my mind and I have Cupcake Mission updates:

Hickory NC--CC Mission postponed due to family illness. I am wishing my aunt a speedy recovery and a healthy upcoming surgery. After a full recovery that we are all counting on, we must celebrate with a round (or a dozen) of cupcakes!

Greenville, SC--A mini CC Mission with some impact. Small is good and very enjoyable. And the Greenville Humane Society has $50.00 more today than it did yesterday so hopefully the animals will benefit somewhat from our small but full-hearted efforts. I suppose I am an optimist or a minimalist or both: but I believe a little goes a long way!!!!

Never underestimate the power of a cupcake!

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